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Our Mission

Irish Sikh Council is a community-based non-profit making organisation that works towards building an Ireland, where Sikhs in Ireland may freely practice and enjoy their faith while fostering strong relations with their local community wherever they may be.

Our aim is to:

  • Advocate, campaign and make representations on the concerns and aspirations of the Sikh population, primarily of Republic of Ireland, on matters of education, race equality, spiritual development, community relations and other matters of relevance to the status and development of the Sikhs in Ireland.

  • Promote good relations and harmony between the Sikhs and other communities in Ireland; and inform and guide Sikhs in Ireland to contribute and participate actively in the life and development of Ireland.

  • Promote responsible ethical and moral values in society.

We aim to pursue our mission by:

  • Working with public bodies and public institutions to create understanding, inclusion and provision for the concerns and aspirations of Sikhs.

  • Disseminating and delivering accurate and useful information about Sikhs and Sikh lifestyle to public, voluntary and private bodies primarily in Republic of Ireland and if within scope and resources permitting, internationally.

  • Initiating and support projects and activities in partnership with other groups and organisations (public, voluntary or private) which share the same aims and objectives as ISC.

  • Providing assistance to persons whose civil or human rights are violated;

  • Avocating for law and policies that are respectful of fundamental rights; and

  • Promoting appreciation for diversity through education


Following terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Sikh community in Ireland became particularly vulnerable to hate crime due to their identity that includes Turban and full grown beard that allowed misinformed members of public to equate Sikhs with followers of Bin Laden. Members of Sikh community in Ireland faced not just verbal abuse but also suffered physical attacks on streets of Dublin and other areas. These included shouting of abuses like ‘bin laden, paki’ etc, throwing of bottles, stones, assault and more.

Although a number of Sikh community members were living in Ireland since early 80’s, the main growth in community took place during the years 2000 - 03. Thus needs of the Sikh community grew along with the numbers. Concerns of parents looking for schools, Sikh patients in hospitals facing dilemma of explaining about their religious needs and many other such issues began creating a need for a representative body of Sikhs that could not only represent Sikh community needs and aspirations but also create awareness among general public about the Sikhs as law abiding, prosperous and forward thinking community.

Thus Irish Sikh Council was established in July 2004. A management group was established and membership opened to the Sikh and non Sikh community members resident in Ireland.

Irish Sikh Council was faced with its first major race attack case on a Sikh student living in Athlone after July 7 attacks in Britain. The victim of the attack was stabbed and verbally abused. Irish Sikh Council managed to raise concerns about this case with the Gardai, NCCRI and also started an information campaign in local and national newspapers and radio stations. The case received wide coverage among almost all national dailies and was also covered by RTE, TV3, News talk and others.

Since then Irish Sikh Council has been actively involved in promoting cultural diversity, creating awareness about the Sikhs in Ireland and also acting as an authority on advising public service bodies about the concerns and needs of Sikhs. Irish Sikh Council has prepared and distributed a number of information leaflets, organised school visits, participated in multi-cultural fairs. Sikhs in Ireland for the first time participated at the St Patrick’s Festival parade in March 2007. This participation was organised by Irish Sikh Council and a pageant of over 90 performers from various Sikh cultural and martial arts groups participated in the parade.

Currently Irish Sikh Council is run by selected management group who are volunteers representing the students, families, migrant workers and permanent resident Irish Sikhs.

Contact Us to speak or write to one of our representatives.

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